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i9 Receiving Card

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·Tiny size: 67.6×35.46mm, DDR2 SODIMM interface, easy for maintenance

·Supports 32 groups of RGB signal output

·Loading capacity: 384×256 pixels

·Low latency

·Supports HDR

·Supports pixel level calibration in the brightness and the chromaticity with 14bit accuracy

·Better gray at low brightness

·Supports color temperature and gamut adjustment

·Supports highlight and sorting

·Advanced seam compensation

·Fast upgrades and fast sending out calibration coefficients

·Supports smart module to save calibration coefficients and other information on module

·Temperature, humidity, power supply voltage monitoring on cabinet and fan rotating control

·Cable Detection

·Supports receiver card backup and power supply backup


Control system parameters
Capacity Full-color: 384×256 pixels
Network Port ExchangeSupported, arbitrary use
Gray LevelMaximum 65536 Levels

Display module compatibility
Chip Supports

PWM chipsSilan chips

Scan TypeSupports static sweep to 1/64 scan
Module Specifications SupportSupports 8192 pixels within any row, any column
Cable DirectionSupports route from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top
Data Sets32 RGB data sets
Data FoldedSupports 1~8 any discount to improve refresh rate.
Data Exchange32 sets of data any exchange
Module SnapshotSupports any pumping point

Compatible device and interface type
Communication Distance

UTP cable≤140m

CAT6 cable≤170m

OPTIC FIBER transmission distance unrestricted

Compatible with Transmission EquipmentGigabit switch, fiber converter, optical switches
Input VoltageDC 3.3V~6V
Rated Current0.5A
Rated Power2.5W
Storage and Transport Temperature-50℃~125℃
Operating Temperature-25℃~75℃
Body Static Resistance2KV

Monitoring function (in conjunction with multi-function card)
Temperature Monitoring

Cabinet temperature monitoring between -25℃ ~ 75℃

1 port for each card

Humidity Monitoring

One port to monitor receiver card humidity range with 20% ~ 95%

1 port for each card

Bit Error MonitoringMonitoring the total number of data packets and error rate to check network quality
Supply Voltage Monitoring5 ports for supply voltage monitoring
Smoke Monitoring

One port for smoke monitoring and can work with relay to activate an alarm and turn off the display screen

1 port for each card

Full Color LCD Display PanelSupports full color LCD display panel
Pixel level calibration
Brightness CalibrationSupported
Chromaticity Calibration Supported
Other features
Hot BackupSupports loop backup, double sender backup, 
Shaped ScreenSupports various freeform display, spherical display, creative display, etc. through the date arbitrary offset

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