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[High Frame Rate Vision] The Z8 takes you to the future


[High Frame Rate Vision] The Z8 takes you to the future

In 2016, famous director Ang Lee took his 120 frames film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk to cinemas. In 2017, Samsung installed the first 4K HDR LED movie screen in the Lotte Cinema World Building. In February the following year, the first 4K LED movie screen in China was located in Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Cinema.

The traditional 24 frames sound film has been with us for nearly a century, the technological innovation of high frame rates is probably important as well as the transition of film from the black and white era to the color era.

1.Out of the ordinary, Da Vinci's "visual" world

Film shooting is often the experimental site of various cutting-edge technologies. Virtual production technology using LED screens as the "green screen" emerges at the historic moment, with magnificent scenes and special effects, and dozens of machines. This is a huge test for the LED display, the problem of the black field of the picture, the various frame rates used by different cameras.

After ten years of continuous exploration, Colorlight has launched the leading LED display solution in the industry —— "Da Vinci" series of products.

As Da Vinci's flagship 8K product, the Z8, the industry's first 8K resolution output, provides dynamic frame rate technology for film and TV industry applications.

From 23.976Hz, 29.97Hz, to 59.94Hz, every frame in front of the camera can be perfectly captured by the shutter.


(Z8+Q20 Da Vinci series, high-end display solution)

2.Here it is, the source of the frame rate

In different regions of the world, the mainstream use of two television systems—— NTSC (the United States National Television System Committee customized in 1952) and PAL (Germany improved on the NTSC technology).

NTSC and PAL are two different formats. The main difference is that NTSC has 60 frames per second while PAL has 50 frames per second. Because the TV is interlaced, NTSC can get 30 full frames per second, while PAL can get 25 full frames per second.


In the film industry, experienced moviegoers are familiar with a number: 24 frames per second. 24 frames in the film industry has silent magic, 

it seems that in the 24 frames dignified speed, silently playing a whole film history story.

Then what about the frame rate requirements of 23.976Hz, 29.97Hz, 59.94Hz? When human beings try their best to improve the quality of life, they are ultimately confronted with various difficulties.

In the transition from the era of black and white TV to color TV, the original TV signals increased color signals. In order to avoid the interference of sound signals on the color picture, the clever engineer reduced the frame rate of the picture by 0.1%, so as to avoid the interference between the two.

3.The high frame rate era, the beginning of 120Hz

Director Ang Lee, who has always challenged the "high frame rate", launched the film "Twin Killers" with 120 frames per second, bringing the audience a smooth and smooth experience of enjoying every frame of the picture, which is immersive and realistic, and easy to watch the film.

He had views on the current 24 frames of the film: the digital age and film age is not the same when you are experiencing it which is another world and that’s what the digital should do.



3D film production, using LED display screen as the green background shooting, to the cinema 4K 120Hz LED display, from the front shooting to the terminal projection, Colorlight’s control system technology, silently provides reliable technical support for the industry reform.

4.Virtual display, 240Hz+VR+5G

Technology benefits mankind, AR/VR technology is becoming more and more mature, combined with LED display to bring users unparalleled immersive experience and sense of involvement. With various kinds of VR experience gradually rising in China, the simple 60Hz video source has been unable to meet the demand of the technical application.


In Da Vinci series products, Z8 with 5G transmission speed Q20 receiving card, the maximum support 240Hz video source input, four times smooth, each frame is the ultimate performance in detail.

The era of LED micro-spacing, more pixels in a smaller space, 5G transmission rate, a single road network line 5 times the load, make it so easy to achieve all of this, virtual reality, perhaps is a new way to understand this era.

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