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Colorlight Men Story


Colorlight has been established for 12 years and has created extraordinary influence.
Since 2015, after opening our first US branch, overseas markets have opened, to provide more technical support to overseas customers. 

We are committed to serve and deliver outstanding customer service to all our customers around the globe.

The Colorlight men who have traveled overseas for a long time, face different customs and experiences.
What interesting things have they encountered?
What is the most impressive struggle in the work?

Part 1

Do more, get more


“Because there was an urgent appointment with an Italian customer the following morning, I rented a car and drove from Belgium to Italy, driving from 4 PM to 

9 AM and only rested for half an hour in Switzerland”

He has spent two birthdays abroad. After completing the work in the middle of the night, the client learned that and celebrated with him, which made it into great night.
Because of his diligence and dedication towards each project, he has met many clients turning into long lasting friendships. Once in Italy, A client invited him to their family dinner.

"Working at Colorlight, not only is the improvement of one's ability, but also an achievement of friendship and love."

Part 2

Explore yourself and become stronger


“Working overnight is a very common thing among our overseas technicians. When I first went abroad, I felt quite lonely. In a strange place, I would stay alone, feeling depressed, and even anti-social. I have been out too many times now, and I’m very used to it. I began to learn to enjoy the loneliness and I am much more focus on my job."

Part 3

Enjoy working is the best way to enjoy life


"Have you seen the sun at 6 am in Egypt? I have."
Jason said humorously that although he often traveled between the airport and the working place, even flew six times in the United States in eight weeks for technical support, his weight was the same.
Despite jetlag, many enthusiastic clients would bring us to experience the local culture and scenery. It has been exhilarating experience.

Colorlight, with our optimism and diligence,

We have been widely recognized and praised in the industry, which is why we always thrive to exceed our customer expectations 

Thank you for all the hard work, Colorlight men

And thank you for all our clients for their continued support

Our story is more than that, follow us and experience the visual future.


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