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Colorlight's Z6 Super Controller Delivers Perfect Performance for High-end Project


·The first 4K controller for the LED screen industry.

·More than a 4K controller, fully capable of HDR Technology.

·Processor, splicer and sender, design based on the customer’s requirements.


Fully Capable of HDR Technology

The Z6 Controller has introduced HDR technology support, with which your LED display will appear more vibrant and realistic. Capable of up to 12 bits depth color input with self-frame rate from 60Hz to 120Hz, and up to 18 bits output, the Z6 Controller boosts contrast to the screen and offers you outstanding picture clarity.


Native 4K input, without the need of splicing

Colorlight’s Z6 Controller perfectly matches native 4K resolution, is capable of up to 3840*2160@60Hz frame rate, offers more stable images via HDMI 2.0 interface, and allows you to handle the real 4K screen via one device. Our Z6 controller continues its advance on the small pitch market and has had a warm welcome in some high-end projects like visualization applications, process control, military, security, media center, broadcasting or national conferences.


Video Processing Function

The Z6 Controller features perfect performance video scaling capabilities via four DVI interfaces, which can produce high quality images. Capable of 8.3 million pixels, it is quite flexible with up to 8192 pixels in width or 8192 pixels in height. Moreover, it possesses PIP technology (free play window placement), 16 Gigabit Ethernet Neutrik interfaces that support screen arbitrary splicing, and multiple layer overlapping support as well. The Z6 Super Controller can be perfectly suited for various applications with these abundant interfaces. Z6-img06.png

User-friendly, Remote Control Supported

Built-in OS, supports Windows, iOS, and Linux control. Its compliant with our intuitive software and offers you a valuable experience.


The Z6 Super Controller has empowered many high-end projects since its release. Users spoke highly of this versatile product, 

however, we pursue  more than that and focus on all feedback to bring more qualified products to you.

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